We negotiate and litigate on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.

The Lotery Advantage

Every law firm and lawyer is different.  Here are the ways we feel we are unique and provide our clients with a serious advantage.

Serious Trial Experience

With nearly a decade as a trial lawyer in criminal law, Ben Lotery and his team know how to build a solid foundation for your case.  Having lawyers with trial experience makes all the difference when litigation is necessary.

Using the Best Accountants

Many law firms will use internal accountants.  While this may seem like a good option, sometimes you are not getting the best accounting experience related to your unique case.  Lotery Law works with leaders in accounting from a multitude of firms and designations.

Competitive Retainer

Other firms may want a significant retainer, before starting the groundwork.  Let’s see if we can be more competitive than they are and earn your business.


With a strong accounting background, the team at Lotery Law are well-versed in the fundamentals of professional accounting and how this relates to you or your business.

Hello, I’m Ben Lotery,

a senior partner at Lotery Law.  Every case I handle is unique to each of my clients.  My firm is centered right in Edmonton allowing us to provide the best legal defense possible.  If you have any questions, please contact us to start speaking to someone immediately regarding your case.  All of our case reviews and consultations are completely free.

Who We Are.

Lotery Law is a professional law firm based in Edmonton, Alberta. We service clients within the greater Edmonton region and across Alberta.  Our team has years of combined legal experience, with specialties focused on criminal and tax law. Providing better value and litigation success for our clients is our core focus.

How can we help?

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